Hi! I'm Peter Ujhelyi.
Please, take a look at my previous projects,
and feel free to me.

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LED window

Lighting Window

This was a project to create an artistic window on a community house with colorful light animations. We made it in co-operation with Dorka Borbás, who is a fantastic glass artist. Here are some photos and a video is coming soon!

Watering System

Indoor Watering System

After a lot of unsuccessful plant nursing, I came up with this idea: Build a smartphone controlled intelligent pot and bring plant caring to a new level. I chose this project as my degree work. I made a concept video and a prototype.

Gum-ball Sorter

Gum-ball Sorter

I built this machine for the purpose of learning as part of a university project. The work involved electrical, mechanical, and software development with design and construction.
Watch it in action!

Virtual Dashboard

Virtual Dashboard

I designed this virtual dashboard especially for Nexus 7 tablet, as an interactive control system for a car. See it in full resolution.

Road Safety Project

Road Safety Project App

I designed and developed this app on order to teach road safety in a playful way. It turned your sat nav into a video game with missions like driving to checkpoints without speeding. Take a look at the screenshots of the app.


PinPoint Location System App

This is another app I designed and developed on request. It was able to communicate with a car alarm via automated text messages. It showed the location of your car with some basic telemetry and gave you the opportunity to block the vehicle with your phone. Here are some screenshots and the app itself.


StarKebab App Design

I designed this app for a Turkish restaurant to help their clients to order meals in an easy and smart way. Check out the design in full resolution.


Hungarian Glass Art Society's Website

It was a pleasure to design and develop this WordPress based website for Hungarian Glass Artists. Browse some of the artworks on the site!


BOVITO Computers Web Design

I was given the task to redesign the website of a computer shop. You can see the results in full resolution here.


GlasSs-Art Website

This was one of my first projects. It was a great pleasure and opportunity to make a surrounding for the beautiful glass artworks of Dorka Borbás and László Lukácsi. The site was changed since then, but my original design can be found here.

TT2000 LTD

TT2000 LTD Website

This WordPress based website was made for a building company. Check it out live.